Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Gamer's Perspective: Indy Open 2012

The Indy Open

My thoughts on the first annual Indy Open 40k tournament.  The Good, The Bad, The mildly entertaining.  I will go ahead and say this,  a very very late response to the whole tournament but better late than never.  At least I didn't wait till a week before the second Indy Open.

Well first of all we can start with the good:
Location, location, location:   The Legion hall selected for the event was quite a bit larger than I expected and had plenty of room between rows of tables and mostly enough room for people to stow away their extras and carry in items.  Lighting was decent without too much light and the place didn't reek of gamer funk by the end of the day, which I was surprised about.  Also it was located within a close distance to quite a few places to eat at.
Organization:  Rounds and presentation as well as starting things off and getting the ball rolling,  all seemed fairly well organized, Now how well that was going, I had no idea for the most part but everything seemed fairly  smooth running.
Tables: All of the tables seemed to have fairly similar terrain on them even though they were quite a bit varied between the collections of terrain that were brought.  A good Line of sight blocking piece somewhere close to the center with some cover providing terrain or area terrain on the perimeter with a few spare pieces here and there.   Over all fantastic looking tables for the event.
Judges:  Every Judge seemed to know exactly how to resolve the issues that I knew of that came up, and I was fairly well impressed with how aware the players were about the games around them as they offered up a helping hand to each other as well.

The Bad:
Communication: As well as everything seemed to be organized, communication as a whole was not as well executed as it could have been.  Spaguatyrine was hard to hear over the din of the ensuing battles and it was hard to tell the difference between an official comment or him just joking around.    Near the end of each round, although I understand that the rounds need to finish as close to the timer as possible, I was left with a sense of being rushed and forced to end premature of the timer at some points, and I saw the same happen in other games as well.
Boards: Most of the boards had at least one if not multiple pieces of terrain that looked quite obviously like impassable terrain and during at least the first and second round, I know there were several people who played accordingly, then during my third game, I found out that no terrain was being played as Impassable and it cost me dearly as I didn't play accordingly until the match was winding down.   I know now that the packet had explained this clearly but I didn't remember seeing it in there.  A pre-tourney overview would of been nice.  Although I didn't play on any of the very fancy boards, it would of been nice to have seen someone tell people how to play the terrain on the board as I heard it was a little unplayable if played as it was designed.

The Rather Amusing:
Food:  Although I showed up expecting to have to go out for food, there was someone Catering for the tournament and the food was amazing.  Had a pretty good laugh at that one.
Spaguatyrine: He spent a good deal of most of both days, goofing around, joking and generally sticking his foot in his mouth.  Several times the judges kept telling him to just stop talking and look pretty.  Which he did a good job of not doing as he kept talking.
Players: Some of the players were just hysterical.   Favorite game of the tournament was against Hulksmash,  He was nothing but enjoyable to play against.  Then the ork gathering at the start of the tourney and the threat of three ork players teaming up on him during round 1.

Well overall I've gotta say.

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